My design philosophy acknowledges that each home should reflect its owners.  I love weaving a bit of the family’s unique history into their home, while paying reverence toward the local culture and environment.  In addition to modern furnishings & finishes I cherish incorporating antiques & heirlooms into the home, whether that’s a high-end statement piece or a distinctive vintage find.  To finish that layered, luxurious, relaxed environment that feels loved and lived in, not “decorated,” yesterday from the pages of a catalog we round out the design with very simple things to balance the harmonious mix.

My interior design journey began while renovating and decorating my newly purchased Little Italy condo back in 2009.  I found immense joy in every decision from picking the paint colors, down to placing the last lit candle.  After a decade long career in finance, I followed my heart’s passion and dove head first into the design world.  I began taking on clients while completing my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design and have never looked back……


I can lay a mean charcuterie board.

I long to be musically gifted, but thus far my highest accomplishment is Stevie Nicks kareoke queen.

I worked in the “fine jewelry” department at Walmart for one semester spent in rural upstate NY.

I practiced Ashtanga Yoga in Southern India and did a yoga tour around the UK one summer.

I am original and unconventional in my thinking, both Capricorn traits.