School’s out!

I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I thought it’d be easy- pillow fluffing, paint selection, placing furnishings so they look right- what could possibly go wrong?  A lot!!  It’s not fricking easy.  It involves much more than I ever, EVER imagined.

I endeavored on my second act as an interior designer just 5-1/2 short years, 1 husband and two kids ago (that certainly didn’t ease things).  I thought, “Well, I’m coming out of a career that people don’t understand even after I explain to them what I do (like Chandler from “Friends,”) and going into interior design, school is going to be SO fun!”  Not so.  It was grueling!  I can honestly state it was far more intense than completing my Bachelor of Science in Business, and my Master of Science in Business (completed while working full-time in aforementioned intense job).

Here are some photos of the fruits of my labor.  Boards, that you may glance at for 3 seconds that took 30 hours or more to complete.

They did teach us everything though, and that was the idea now, wasn’t it?


ID5 ID 4 board

We bought the worst house on the best block

We were not looking to immediately buy a home in North County.  The idea was to rent a property for 1-2 years whilst getting our bearings in suburbia (which we now refer to as just “coastal”).  That all changed when we found the most absolutely, perfect neighborhood for us and our family; I’m talking Norman Rockwell/Pinterest board people that love wine.  I mean, not to completely brag, but our neighbors are ridiculously cool, our kids are all about the same age and pretty much everyone is totally adorable.  My Mother says I get too excited about things and tend to set expectations too high, but we’re 2 years into the best street in ‘merica and so far, so good!  Alas, I did mention we bought the worst house on the block.  It’s a good home with good bones but desperate for a remodel.  We have a whopping one kitchen drawer, nasty bolted on fiberboard cabinets, and horrific laminate flooring that sounds like kittens walking on a chalkboard.  Finally, we are ready to begin remedying our 1970’s starter home.  I’ve drafted all the plans and elevations and have my finishes and appliances ready to order.  We’re ready to rip the roof off this Mutha'!  Prayers for tight deadlines, avoiding unforeseen expensive major things, and most importantly for avoiding a marriage counselor.  Stay tuned! kids The gang! Halloween on the Court