Who’s Afraid of a Big, Bold Pattern?

Who’s afraid of a big bold pattern?  Not me!   How about some wild jungle animals for the powder bath?  Do it, do it!

While not everyone in Southern California shares my love for the bold choice, or Grandmother’s chintz and Dorothy Draper cabbage roses, most of us appreciate refined coastal aesthetics, and you can still layer patterns in cool neutrals (blues, greens, greys) and natural materials.

The important thing to remember is that pairing patterns creates more interest than letting a single pattern stand alone.   Layered patterns become more dynamic and feel more personal and more evolved.

Generally, you want 3 to 5 patterns to play together- a large pattern to command attention and smaller patterns to complement and blend into the background.  Keep in mind that natural materials and neutrals can also be a pattern when they have enough texture to them!

Whether you prefer florals, geometrics, hand-blocked batiks or classic toiles make at least one bold choice and then have the supporting cast members tie it all together!

You’ll have a lovely home

Years ago on a yoga trip around India I had a palm reader point out a square on my hand.  He said it meant I would have a lovely home and travel extensively (he was sure he couldn’t be 100% wrong as I was a few miles from home already).  The “lovely home” part I locked away in my mind.  I had a great apartment and career already but it never quite felt like home. Years later- one new career , one new husband, and two gremlins, we bought the worst house on the best block and all but knocked it down and began anew.  We didn’t add a ton of space (just an additional 500 s.f.) but provided a desperately needed updated, created a good flow, added ample storage and imparted a serene vibe.  It’s not palatial, but it is perfect for us, and most importantly all of the inhabitants are happy.   Front of House 4
Before Front of HouseLong View Kitchen

Before Kitchen One

Fireplace Me and the kids