Your home office needs a kick in the sweatpants!

For the last 2-1/2 months, like it or not, Californians have had to assess our homes & lifestyles.  I’ll venture a guess that some previously undiscovered perks have popped up from this long, dark pause in human history.  There are the obvious ones like working from home in jammers, avoiding pants with zippers entirely, a deepened (hopefully) bond between siblings, spouses, family units, and the unexpected perks like the joys of cooking ambitious meals, and realizing how truly liberating it is to stop jam-packing every minute of our lives by always racing hither and dither.  Whew!!!

It will be interesting to see what permanent changes come from this.  It seems like Working-From-Home may be here to stay.  I assume many employers have realized the value of completely reducing overhead by keeping their employees mostly at home, and have read the studies that show higher employee satisfaction in remote working.

I run my business from my home, and (hard as it is to admit Designer “design fails”) until recently I had it set up ALL WRONG!!!  I had my desk tucked into a corner opposite this beautiful window, and was just not getting enough sunlight or airflow.  I feel so much more productive now!  

There are so many little considerations that are involved in how a room makes you feel.  It is so important to have the proper set up for a home office, or you just won’t feel energized!  While every room calls for pleasing color palettes, art, accessories, a good layout, comfortable furnishings, good acoustics and storage options, nowhere is it more important then the functioning home office.  Proper lighting, privacy and acoustic considerations are particularly imperative.

Does your WFH situation need a kick in the sweatpants?  We can work out a plan to make your office the most effective, inspiring, healthy environment to have you firing on all cylinders….

What lessons have you learned during Covid and what permanent changes do you think you’ll keep up with?  I’m committed to not furiously shuttling my kids in and out of the car and all over creation for activities and events that they aren’t really into (I’m looking at you ballet).