A whirlwind design tour of Oxfordshire

Unimaginable fun! We were welcomed into India Hicks warm and stunning home, America Farm, where I learned some new design tips- like it’s perfectly appropriate to place a photo of your Godfather in your Bahamian loo (only if it’s Prince Charles).  I gushed mouth agape over the preserved Royal bridesmaids dresses (India was Princess Diana’s, her Mum was Queen Elizabeth’s) and marveled over the original Federal style eagle base console table and the Louis XVI swan chairs, the perfectly placed tablescapes (David Hicks would be proud!), and the antique paintings of Mountbatten relatives.

IMG_5426 (1) IMG_5404 (1)

We later enjoyed afternoon tea in a whimsical tent outside India’s gracious Mum, Lady Pamela Hicks home.  She regaled us with stories of her time spent with Ghandi and Cornelius Vanderbilt (among other witty gems!).  We toured the inside of David Hicks red library and Lady P’s robin’s egg Wedgewood room.

A wonderful tour of The Grove gardens by Ashley Hicks followed, who told many captivating stories about his famed designer father, David. We ended the night at Lord Nelson Pub, across from the cemetery where David is buried. It was an overwhelming day of design and history.




Pamela Day Designs - Paris & Venice

Paris & Venice

Part I – Honeymoon in Paris
Sent November 25th

After a four hour nap upon arrival in Paris we ventured out to the only museum open at six pm- the Centre Pompidou. Greg insists he didn’t enjoy himself, but I thoroughly enjoyed pondering the subtle complexity of the Rothkos and Du Champs, and I swear he was slightly amused by the blank canvases as high art. Since we were near the Marais district I thought it would be fun to revisit Les Philosophes, the restaurant where I hold fond memories of an epic dinner on my first trip to Paris, with my friend Shaye seven years ago. Sadly, the meal did not live up to the memory. After a hungry 30 minute wait we were sat in a back room (I wasn’t even certain it was the same restaurant). I couldn’t eat the grossly under-cooked meat (medium?!?), but at least Greg enjoyed his entree (and mine). We hopped back on the Metro and navigated to within 2 blocks of our hotel. After an hour we gave up being lost and hopped in a cab. The cabbie laughed at us, as he drove us the two blocks home.READ MORE


I’ve been in Dublin since yesterday evening, and took another heavy history tour this morning (I’ll spare the details for next time), and whilst visiting the tourist center this afternoon I decided to step it up a little bit and do a fun little tour of Galway and the Aran Islands with the Shamrockers. I leave my lovely hotel in a dumpy area I’d describe as akin to visiting Manhattan and sleeping in the Bronx tomorrow, returning to Dublin on Friday, and shall update you on my adventures!