You’ll have a lovely home

Years ago on a yoga trip around India I had a palm reader point out a square on my hand.  He said it meant I would have a lovely home and travel extensively (he was sure he couldn’t be 100% wrong as I was a few miles from home already).  The “lovely home” part I locked away in my mind.  I had a great apartment and career already but it never quite felt like home. Years later- one new career , one new husband, and two gremlins, we bought the worst house on the best block and all but knocked it down and began anew.  We didn’t add a ton of space (just an additional 500 s.f.) but provided a desperately needed updated, created a good flow, added ample storage and imparted a serene vibe.  It’s not palatial, but it is perfect for us, and most importantly all of the inhabitants are happy.   Front of House 4
Before Front of HouseLong View Kitchen

Before Kitchen One

Fireplace Me and the kids