I’ve been in Dublin since yesterday evening, and took another heavy history tour this morning (I’ll spare the details for next time), and whilst visiting the tourist center this afternoon I decided to step it up a little bit and do a fun little tour of Galway and the Aran Islands with the Shamrockers. I leave my lovely hotel in a dumpy area I’d describe as akin to visiting Manhattan and sleeping in the Bronx tomorrow, returning to Dublin on Friday, and shall update you on my adventures!


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Great Scotland!

On Jul 12, 2012, at 1:55 PM
On my Own in Edin-bur-uh

Well, the whole trip couldn’t be rainbows and unicorns! It’s rained all but fifteen minutes since I got here, the David Keil workshop has been a major disappointment, and unbeknownst to me Edinburgh is notoriously unfriendly so I’ve had to really make an effort to talk to people first, and haven’t really met any mates. In fact, two of my four evenings thus far have been spent hiding under the covers with the heat on, missing sunny San Diego. Now it’s almost 10 am, and having missed yoga again, I’m not even out and about yet! Just lounging here reading my book, watching the BBC, writing, and staring out at the rain. Sigh!! (I know everyone must be crying over poor me and all my leisure time!)READ MORE