At the Corner of Calm and So Freaked Out

Who isn’t totally freaked out right now?  I thought I was doing a fair job “Keeping Calm and Carrying On,” and then the fear and anxiety really crept up on me.  Not good!  Stressed out people get sick.  I tried furiously popping CBD lozenges, burying my head and listening to anything other than the news, because’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine…. but the curiosity killed the cat about 12-1/2 seconds later.  Who among us can resist?
Now life has come to a complete stand still.  Time for a collective deep breath (in the safety of your home that is).  I thought I’d offer some silver lining.
Cleanliness and hygiene are definitely on the up and up!  I mean, I didn’t think the NYC Subways had ever been cleaned, like never once, and now you can eat off the floor.  People are finally washing their damn hands, they have stopped picking their noses, and being otherwise gross!  The schools are making kids wash hands like their lives depend on it (because truly the little ones are the grossest little petri dishes of all) and that’s a great reinforcement away from home.  Also, people are finally keeping their kids home when they are sick, and staying home from work too, as opposed to exposing the world to their germs because they can’t possibly miss a beat.  Perhaps when this crisis is averted, these obvious and overlooked health measure will stick.
In the collective fear I also feel more connection with friends and loved ones in general.  I don’t believe it’s the end of days, but certainly it sort of feels that way when colleges, jobs, events, vacations, entire countries, are shut down and essential resources like toilet paper are depleted.  Scary times!  And of course the media is no help, because you can’t tell what is real and what is an agenda.  That’s extremely sad.  In the midst of it all, I do feel more concerned for all of my friends and family, even strangers across the globe, I feel less bothered by B.S. and more connected to what matters most.  I hope you do too.
Stay well my friends!