Polished & Put Together? Every single day!

Need to spruce up some space in the house or just feel like you never really tied everything up in a nice bow?  Have you ever wanted to work with an interior designer but felt they were too expensive?  If you answered Yes! The Finishing Touches package is the perfect design service for you.  It’s a game changer and you needn’t have a huge budget for this service.

This is a quick, affordable way to give your home a fresh new look within a few hours, to a couple of weeks.  No more second guessing…Are these the right pillows?  Is this the correct size area rug?  Do these colors work together?  Is this artwork or chandelier hung at the correct height?  What on Earth should we put on these bookshelves, or this mantel?  We will take your existing furniture pieces, accessories, area rugs, lamps, decorative throw pillows art and décor and make magic happen through a bit of rearranging, editing and adding a few new home décor items to give your space a fresh and updated look. 

 Each new home décor item is hand selected by me to ensure that it fits your personal style and preference while working with existing pieces to create a unique curated look for you.  No more spending hours shopping and returning a bunch of stuff or simply giving up, and just living with something that you don’t love (or even really like).  I’ll  take care of everything….sorting, sourcing, shopping, installing!

This service is designed for clients that have all their major upholstery and case good pieces, but feel they are missing the “Wow” factor.  If your home feels void of personality or interest, or simply imparts a feeling of being blah! or incomplete I recommend this service!  It is also a great opportunity to get your feet wet working with an interior designer.

Interested In Having Pamela Day Designs create the perfect room for you?

It all starts with a phone call, text or email to me.  We will briefly chat about the areas that you’d like The Finishing Touches on, and we’ll also schedule the design consultation during this call. A design consultation is necessary so that we can assess the room(s), take necessary measurements and photos, discuss your style and color preferences, budget, and more. We will also schedule The Finishing Touches installation day so that you’re able to plan accordingly.  Typically, it takes several days, to a couple of weeks (depending upon room size and number of rooms) to hunt and gather all the items needed to create your custom curated plan. Once everything is curated for your room, it’s time for installation day!  Most one to two room projects are typically installed within 4-6 hours, depending upon size of room.

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