Come one, Come all! Houseguests Officially Welcome!

Hello!  At long last, it is finally time to fling open our doors to a procession of guests!  Summer has officially begun.  Friends, family- come one, come all!


Like many of us, I spent the entire “annus horribilus” scheming home renovations and upgrades.  We did a major reno a few short years ago and my biggest regret is that while we made our small house bigger, we didn’t make it quite big enough!  Though there are ample places to “crash”- a couple of large sofas and a pull-out occupying my office, we lack a proper guest room.  While I plot our next reno/larger home of the future, I’m fortunately able to design other people’s dream homes in real time.  Pictured above is a cozy little guest room which is currently in the works, and a few considerations to guarantee happy houseguests!
  1. A super comfortable Saatva Organic Mattress (also inexpensive, no toxins, order online and they arrive straight to the door)
  2. Matteo Linens make seriously yummy bedding. I also love Boll & Branch, no more scratchy sheets!
  3. Duo-Core Comfort Pillows by Serta– firm on one side/cushy on the other- a crowd pleaser!
  4. Fanimation makes really cute “not your Home Depot” fans like the lucite and brass one above.  They also make fandeliers now, which are also an attractive option.
  5. Choose black out shades for your window treatments to diminish light streaming in from the outside.
  6. Limit the blue lights of Wi-Fi and television if possible.  They disrupt REM.  Also, loud ticking clocks are no fun!
  7. But, we always need Wi-Fi so it’s a nice touch to leave your network and password printed out, or even framed bedside for your guests.
  8. A place to fling open your suitcase- tuck a standard luggage rack in the closet, or choose a nice foot-of-the-bed option (as above)
  9. A spare set of keys for your guests and a list of local recommendations is always nice to share.
  10. My very masculine uncle used to leave a basket of towels & mini toiletries in a basket on the bed (he admitted he learned that little trick from Oprah and I like it!)
There!  No more sleepless nights in your household!  Need help making your guest space cool and comfortable?
Book a consultation with me and we will tailor it for overnight guest IRL- hooray!!