Pamela Day Designs - Great Scotland!

Great Scotland!

On Jul 12, 2012, at 1:55 PM
On my Own in Edin-bur-uh

Well, the whole trip couldn’t be rainbows and unicorns! It’s rained all but fifteen minutes since I got here, the David Keil workshop has been a major disappointment, and unbeknownst to me Edinburgh is notoriously unfriendly so I’ve had to really make an effort to talk to people first, and haven’t really met any mates. In fact, two of my four evenings thus far have been spent hiding under the covers with the heat on, missing sunny San Diego. Now it’s almost 10 am, and having missed yoga again, I’m not even out and about yet! Just lounging here reading my book, watching the BBC, writing, and staring out at the rain. Sigh!! (I know everyone must be crying over poor me and all my leisure time!)READ MORE

Pamela Day Designs - Love UK

Love UK

Jun 29, 2012
A lovely drive in the countryside

It is one a.m. and I’m wide awake and ready to start the day so I thought I’d send off my first email and let everyone know I survived the most terrifying part of my journey intact, so it should be smooth sailing from here on in!

“Well, you’re very brave,” is how the innkeeper Jane greeted me when I arrived yesterday morning in the rain.  I knew the driving part would be scary but I’d thought my hotel was 5-10 minutes from the airport. Turns out I was a little off. Before I’d even gotten the car out of the lot I was already a little upset cause I couldn’t start the thing or figure out the GPS.  It was raining, it was humid, I’d just schlepped 5 tons of luggage across the Atlantic and the humongous parking lot, and I was just super exhausted. READ MORE

Pamela Day Designs - With Love From Bombay

With Love from Bombay

Sent: Friday, February 11, 2011 08:42 PM
Subject: Hello from Bombay!

Having a little time to kill after a nice American breakfast I decided to venture out and explore the garden I’ve been watching people meditate and wander around all morning. As I rode the elevator down to the hotel lobby I realized it was full of smoke like the place was on fire, but no one seemed alarmed and the desk informed me it was medicine for the mosquitoes. She said it was very safe to breathe, so I walked out into the bright sunny cloud outside and was immediately almost mowed down by a bicycle, and then approached by a beggar. Needless to say, I never made it to the garden. I thought I could handle sitting alone at the little cafe safe inside the hotel, but suddenly the metal detector and all these loud alarms started going off and everyone started scrambling. The front desk yelled up to me leaning over the balcony concerned, not to be alarmed and all was okay. I am safe and sound locked in the room now.READ MORE